Earlier today, the Cleveland Browns and their general manager have agreed to part ways after a meeting with owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam. This is the Browns’ second huge move in less than a week as they previously showed the door to head coach Freddie Kitchen.

As the announcement came out, two separate official statements surfaced from the owners and Dorsey himself with both citing that a ‘strong leader’ is what the organization needs to ‘have the success that the team deserves’.

We have a great appreciation for John and all he has done with the Cleveland Browns. He has helped create a foundation that we need to continue to develop and build upon. While John helped greatly improve our team’s talent and we are excited about the core players on our roster, we fully recognized that our team did not meet its potential on or off the field and additional changes in leadership give us the best opportunity for success in the future. As the role of the general manager continues to evolve in this league we felt there were areas that needed to be reassessed. Over the last 48 hours, we’ve had discussion with John about his role but could not come to an agreement on a position that would enable him to remain with the organization. 

As we conveyed on Sunday and our players reiterated yesterday, bringing in a strong leader with our head coach is our priority. Our process to improve upon the leadership will allow the flexibility to ensure we create the best partnership between our future head coach and general manager. We know the road of our tenure as stewards of this franchise has been a test of patience as we all want the success that our fans so deserve and we are relentlessly committed to and working towards. We fully appreciate, understand and empathize with our fans as we work towards our ultimate goal of building a championship-level football team.

Official statement from Dee and Jimmy Haslam

When I took this job, the history of this storied franchise and the passion of our fans was an integral part of my decision. It is that same understanding and desire to see these fans enjoy the success they are so deserving of that helped me conclude, along with Jimmy and Dee, that it was best to part ways as they embark on the search for a new head coach. I know how critical the relationship is between a general manager and head coach and I also know how critical it is that the Browns have a strong leader in their next coach. I have a great appreciation for the men and women I have worked with since being in Cleveland and my family has the same love and appreciation for this community and are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this journey.

Official statement from John Dorsey

Dorsey was named as the Browns’ manager in December 2017 and took over a winless team back then. He was part of the organization’s decision to draft Baker Mayfield as the number one pick in the 2018 drafts with Nick Chubb in the second round.

He was also the man behind the blockbuster trade that landed Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry to Cleveland last off season plus the signing of running back Kareem Hunt.

The Browns are now looking for the possible successors of Kitchen and Dorsey in the continuous effort to pick up the team from the slums. A new person in-charge is expected to be revealed soon.