The New England Patriots and veteran quarterback Brian Hoyer have reached a one-year contract as multiple sources confirms the move which serves as a homecoming for Hoyer as well.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter first reported the contract details that the both parties have agreed on. Hoyer’s contract is worth about $1.05 million and another $1 million from his former team Indianapolis Colts who released him on Sunday.

The Colts have signed him last year after Andrew Luck retired from the sport and the Patriots released him that time, which ultimately earned him a three-year contract in Indianapolis. The total guaranteed amount for Hoyer is roughly $2 million in total.

Last season, he had four touchdowns, four interceptions while having 372 yards of pass on 53.8% completion. Hoyer saw some action in four games.

Besides from a stint with the Colts, Brian Hoyer also became a team hopper and played for the Browns, Cardinals, Texans, Bears and 49ers.

This is considered to be a homecoming for him as he begun his professional career with New England Patriots. Speaking of the Patriots, they also acquired the free agent linebacker Brandon Copeland to another one-year contract worth $1.05 million.